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Public Sector


Health Care Units -National Health Service

Challenges in the health sector are growing and demanding. The demographic process of our ageing population, coupled with the increasing diversity of services and innovative solutions for the treatment of major diseases that increasingly affect a larger percentage of the population, puts significant pressure on the resources needed to maintain the quality of health care. The answer to this pressure is necessarily to increase the efficiency and rational management of available resources.

The Hospital Units, in particular those organised under the corporate public enterprise model, are based on the conclusion of programme contracts, the monitoring of which is an essential aspect of their financing model. We believe that the financial and economic management of these entities should be based on an adequate identification of management risks, including corruption, in accordance with the recommendations of the Board of Prevention of Corruption.

The evolution of the public health sector budget has motivated the development of projects, such as public procurement, creation of benchmarks at the operational level and financial reporting model,and activity monitoring by competent authorities, namely ACSS - Health System Administration, I.P. and SPMS - Shared Services of the Ministry of Health, E.P.E.

We have participated in some of these projects, which allows us to know the main trend lines of the sector and the current financial reporting model.

Our skills and experience in this area qualify us to provide services of Audit/ Statutory Audit, as well as consulting projects in the areas of risk management, internal control, and budget control, in particular in the evaluation of the invoicing process and the guarantee that the services provided are invoiced, with the objective of ensuring that there are no episodes or clinical acts provided by the hospital units and not invoiced to the National Health System.

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