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Corporate Finance


In order to meet the current needs of the financial world, we have assembled a team with solid knowledge in Accounting, Auditing, Management and Law, placing at your disposal a series of skills and methodologies to create value for companies in two critical areas:


Asset Valuation             

We have extensive experience in asset valuation projects - intangible assets and equity. Normally, the evaluation of this type of assets requires the application of the so-called income method, which is based on the use of the DCF methodology - Discounted Cash Flow.


On one hand, this type of project is based on the assessment of the adequacy of the assumptions adopted in the preparation of the financial projections and, on the other hand, on the determination of the risk rate of the asset in question.


Valuations  may be important factors in the definition of possible business acquisitions, divestments or partnerships.


Cost Reduction               


Our specialists use a systematic and proven process that combines state-of-the-art analysis tools with in-depth knowledge and know-how of non-strategic cost items. Our in-house process produces results in line with the best market scenarios, which clearly illustrate the best proposals from suppliers and allow us to optimize value for your company.



Business monitoring process is crucial in the current economic environment. The monitoring concept is based on the identification of the relevant variables for the achievement of the objectives defined by the organization, in its different dimensions (economic, financial, commercial, etc.) applying themselves according to the needs to different realities.


  • Corporate reorganizations

  • Company and business valuation
    Due diligence (accounting, financial, tax)
    Feasibility studies
    Business Plans
    Structure Expenditure Optimization

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