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Public Sector


Local Municipalities

The activity of Municipalities is developed in a wide range of areas and themes, involving the identification of associated risks, evaluation and consequent decision making.



Function -related risks must be identified, actions and procedures carried out by all units of the organic structure of the entities, including offices, functions and top management positions, even when they arise from elective processes.


Plans shall designate sector managers and a general manager for their implementation and monitoring, as well as for the preparation of the corresponding annual reports.

This same concern for the adequate identification and assessment of risks is at the basis of the implementation of the Accounting Standards System for Public Administrations, so in our understanding there should be an alignment between the process of identification of risks and the assessment for the purposes of preparing the Plan for Prevention of Risks of Corruption and Related Infractions, as well as an assessment of risks associated with the financial reporting process.


The process of Decentralization of Competencies is currently underway, which involves various areas, anticipating significant impacts at the level of Education, with the transfer of various assets, activities and professionals to the Municipalities, where the respective school units are located.



In order to enable the implementation of a management model based on risk assessment, the Council for the Prevention of Corruption has been issuing recommendations for Municipalities to comprehensively identify management risks, including those of corruption, and the corresponding preventive measures.

We have the necessary skills to collaborate with municipalities in the process of Audit / Legal Review of Financial Statements, in consulting projects in the areas of preparation / monitoring of the Risk Prevention Plan for Corruption and Related Infractions, as well as in the ongoing process of skills transfers.

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