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Private Sector

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Real Estate Management

After the recession caused by the 2008 crisis, the Real Estate sector has been gaining a new dynamism, motivated in large part by the increase in tourist activity and the country's attractiveness in terms of real estate investment. This is a sector with specificities in terms of taxation and financial reporting, among others.

Recently, with the legislative changes in terms of fighting money laundering and preventing terrorism, the sector has become subject to a number of reporting obligations with the Institute of Public Markets, Real Estate and Construction, among others. Such obligations should receive the greatest attention from the management of companies operating in this sector.

Our experience and knowledge of the sector allows us to verify that all obligations with the various entities - the Institute of Public Markets, Real Estate and Construction, Bank of Portugal and other entities - are being properly fulfilled and to advise our clients in the proper fulfillment of such obligations.


In addition to providing Audit / Statutory Audit services for real estate management and development entities, namely Investment and Real Estate Management Companies (SIGI), we also provide the followig services:


  • Fiscal Support

  • Valuations of companies / corporate groups

  • Risk Management

  • CFO Outsourcing

  • Verification of proper compliance with IMPIC reporting obligations

  • Evaluation Projects / improvement of Internal Control systems

  • Financial and Accounting Expertise

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