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Risk Management


Currently, risk management is considered a critical area for companies.


Our team of professionals has proven experience in various industries, working to understand your business and identify potential risk areas, creating customized solutions for your company. 


We have very specific expertise in risk identification, risk assessment and risk mitigation: our approach is based on an appropriate risk assessment, according to the models recommended by COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission), namely the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) methodology.


Additionally, the experience acquired in numerous projects allows us to master asset valuation methodologies focused on the application of the methodology called DCF - Discounted Cash Flows. We have an integrated vision of the businesses and sectors in which our clients operate, as well as the critical factors of value generation.


  • Support to the implementation of Risk Management function

  • Assessment of the adequacy of the Risk Management function and its operational effectiveness

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