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Private Sector


Investment Funds Management

The value under management of Investment Funds, including Property Management, amounts to 60 billion Euros in the Portuguese market.


In recent years, requirements from different regulators have increased significantly, both in terms of monitoring activity and in matters such as fighting money laundering and preventing the financing of terrorism, a matter in which these entities have relevant reporting obligations.


In terms of financial reporting, the issues associated with the valuation of assets, particularly real estate, are significantly present.

We provide Audit / Statutory Audit services to both Management Companies and Investment Funds. In addition, we provide services in the following areas:


  • Support and advice to supervisory entities (Supervisory Board / Single Auditor)

  • Tax support

  • Evaluation of funds

  • Risk Management

  • Financial and Accounting Expertise

  • Report of contributions; mergers and demergers

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