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Private Sector


Family Groups / Holdings

More and more family businesses take the structure of economic groups, whose parent company usually takes the form of a holding company. This type of company has specific reporting obligations and specificities in terms of financial reporting and taxation.

Our approach is based on a permanent contact with management and the identification of relevant business risks - operational and organisational - in order to ensure that the planning of our work is adequate.

The adequate identification of risk at the level of the different participated entities, the knowledge of the accounting and tax regulations of the entities located abroad, as well as the activities developed, are essential factors for the success of projects in this area, as well as the balance between the trust our clients place in us, always guaranteeing our independence.


We provide services in Audit / Statutory Audit, as well as:

  • Strategic analysis in terms of group structure

  • Fiscal support

  • Risk assessment and monitoring

  • Valuations of companies / corporate groups

  • Consolidation of Accounts / Preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements

  • Transfer prices

  • Evaluation Projects / improvement of Internal Control systems

  • Financial and Accounting Expertise

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