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Social Sector


Collective Organizations

Social economy comprises a wide range of entities with diverse legal personality, democratically organized, created to meet the needs of its members, who produce goods or services for non-profit purposes.


The social economy sector is thus characterised by strong diversity, consisting of associations, cooperatives, foundations, mercies and mutualities.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of cooperatives in Portugal. Based on specific values such as democratic management by members, economic participation of members and financial autonomy, transparency and efficient management of their resources are also essential pillars of cooperatives.

We provide services in Audit / Statutory Audit, as well as:


  • Fiscal support

  • Operational audits

  • Valuations of companies / corporate groups

  • CFO Outsourcing

  • Evaluation Projects / improvement of Internal Control systems

  • Financial and Accounting Expertise

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