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The main mission of a Controller is to energize and catalyze the process by which managers promote the design and implementation of company strategies.

In order to carry out this mission, a controller will have to perform various activities:

  • Forecast management activities and monitoring of results, supported by the analysis of historical data of the entity and the sector

  • activities related to the design of the management information system

  • activities related to raising awareness in operational areas through permanent contact. The Controller should be accepted as a specialist in management support, becoming himself a change agent.


The main assumption of our approach is that "Each company is unique, with unique needs." However, this does not mean that we have not developed specific services:


Accounting Operations

  • Setting the right accounting policies to help you plan for the future

  • Coordination of accounting services; continuous and experienced support in accounting procedures and issues, reporting and administrative personnel management

  • Implementation or improvement of monthly, quarterly and annual closing procedures

  • Support, leadership and/or performance of daily accounting activities, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, invoicing, credit management and collections

  • Coordination of external suppliers (banks, lawyers, insurance, certified accountants, etc.)


Support in Internal or External Audit Management

  • Support in understanding audit/legal review processes and compliance requirements

  • Assistance in fulfilling requests for documents and information

  • Coordination, if necessary, to ensure any updating or completion of accounting information that may be required prior to the beginning of the audit


Team Development

  • Coaching and coordination of the accounting department team

  • Review and analysis of implemented practices and recommendations for improvement

  • Development of continuous improvement processes


Business Models, Budgets, Metrics and Analysis

  • Business plan financial projections and forecasts

  • Budgets and estimates of tactical operations

  • Business models or products

  • Conception and preparation of financial reporting and sensitivity analysis

  • Definition and implementation of the management control system

  • Analysis of business segments

  • Activity / product costing

  • Break even analysis

  • Definition and preparation of business performance indicators/metrics


Implementation and Conversion of Management Information Systems

  • Support in implementing the system, led by ABAG SROC or the existing team

  • Support in data conversion, including data testing and consulting in implementing changes to the data structure

  • Support in the processes of data integration in the accounting system, including adjustments to the chart of accounts

  • Process optimization / process automation support

  • Project management, planning and action plan

  • Preparation of terms of reference

  • Preparation of customized reports

  • Training


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