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The Role of a CFO

A CFO is a professional who finds ways to protect results while inspiring confidence in the financial statements of the company. In addition to their financial experience, companies look for a CFO who can help them manage their business by complementing their skills.

A CFO lives in the present and looks at the future contributing to the leadership of the organization. In the present, he monitors the organization's key performance indicators and cash flows, supported by technology. In the future - as it prepares the annual budget -  he ensures continuous budget control while promoting an operational and strategic plan.


How a CFO adds value

An experienced CFO will find ways to improve the organization's cash flows, operating account and assets. Cost control, increased productivity and pricing strategy analysis are some of the ways a CFO increases profitability.

Finally, a CFO becomes an agent of change, improving results throughout the organization with insights that drive performance. Business departments and operations are often distant from the company's finances or financial strategies, but an effective CFO brings insights and financial leadership to help the company maximize results by increasing cash flow and minimizing costs.

CFO outsourcing services are designed for small and medium enterprises. In general, these services are focused on commercial and financial strategy, aiming to help companies make the best possible decisions. We know how to identify the main constraints of your company, make an assessment of critical aspects and set priorities to achieve measurable results.


The main premise of our approach is that "Each company is unique, with unique needs." However, this does not mean that we have not developed specific services:

Support for Start Ups and Emerging Companies

Defining your company's financial processes properly will save you time and avoid future headaches. We help you to implement your business processes correctly from the beginning:

  • Identification of critical business processes
    Business plan development and updating
    Design and implementation of appropriate internal control procedures


Business Model, Budgeting, Metrics and Analyses

How do you know if your company is on the right track? We can help in the strategic reflection and definition of the business model, as well as in the monitoring of its performance, evaluating its evolution through metrics/indicators defined according to the needs of your company:

  • Business plan financial projections and forecasts

  • Operating and investment budgets

  • Support of the design of the (new) Business Model

  • Financial budget preparation and sensitivity analysis

  • Development of business indicators/metrics


Treasury and Debt Management

A CFO will implement an effective cash flow management system. By managing the cash cycle, he enhances collections, including average payment and receiving terms, contributing to the increase of the company's liquidity:

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Development and/or review of banking relationships

  • Negotiation of loans and credit lines

  • Definition of indicators/metrics and monitoring tools


Restructuring and Change Management Processes

When your results need to improve, we can provide an objective view of your company's needs and where changes can be made without compromising your company's vision or values:

  • Cost analysis and support in reorganization processes

  • Expenditure reduction programs

  • Vendor analysis and negotiations

  • Design of alternative scenarios and sensitivity analysis

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